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1.28.21 – 1.31.21 – A Journey to the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine

Yoga, Energy Healing, Thai Massage, and Meditation 

A Synergy Yoga ~ Soulful Living Collaboration

Kusini, Acacia Studio’s Retreat Location  I  Lamu, Kenya  I  January 28th – 31st, 2021

Sapna Chandaria and Salim Rollins are delighted to invite you to A Journey to the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine Retreat from January 28th – 31st, 2021. In this second retreat of our three-part series, we will build on our vision of reawakening divine feminine and realigning sacred masculine energies as we work towards achieving inner balance and a stronger connection to both.  


This retreat will provide a sacred space for participants to step outside of their day to day lives to reconnect with their essential selves. Through the power of integrating sacred feminine and masculine qualities, participants will experience a deeper connection to their spiritual nature and expression as the Divine. Collectively we are moving into a paradigm in which we are called to grow into our higher selves, shedding beliefs and identities that no longer serve us. Understanding and balancing ourselves as aspects of a sacred duality, as expressed through masculine and feminine energies, will guide us along this evolution. Offering time for contemplation and self healing, this retreat will bring participants to higher levels of self-awareness & self-love within a supportive community of people who are on a similar path.


During the retreat, we will explore our theme through a series of workshops which include daily yoga; transformative energy healing & DNA activations; interactive Thai massage; guided meditation; embodiment practices; a night time beach ceremony and self-study exercises. The retreat includes all workshops, vegetarian meals, accommodation and airport transfers.


Our venue is the beautiful KusiniAcacia Studio’s Retreat Location on the picturesque island of Lamu, Kenya on the northern coast of Kenya. As the first Swahili settlement in East Africa, Lamu island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has maintained its culture and it’s own pace over the years. Dhow boats and donkeys are the modes of transport. Kusini is located on Kizingoni Beach, one of the most secluded sections of the islands enabling guests to truly explore the world within.


Thursday 28th, Retreat Day 1: Arrival at Lamu Airport; Opening ceremony at 6:00pm

Friday 29th, Retreat Day 2: Starts at 6.30am; full day

Saturday 30th, Retreat Day 3: Starts at 6.30am; full day

Sunday 31st, Retreat  Day 4:  Starts at 7am, ends at 2pm; half day

Guests are invited to stay for lunch on Sunday and leave at their leisure before 6:00pm. Please let us know what your lunch and departure plans will be on Sunday so we can plan accordingly. 


Shared Room Early Bird (until Dec. 20th)Ksh 65,000.00
Single Room Early Bird (until Dec. 20th)Ksh 75,000.00
Shared Room Regular (Dec. 21st – Jan 15th)Ksh 75,000.00
Single Room Regular (Dec. 21st – Jan 15th)Ksh 80,000.00

This package does not include airfare, tips or wellness treatments. Please note that credit card transaction fees will be added.

Cancellation Policy

If a participant needs to cancel prior to the retreat we offer partial refunds according to the following schedule:      

  • 4 weeks before the event:  75% refund
  • 3 weeks before the event:  50% refund
  • 2 week before the event:   25% refund
  • 1 week:                                no refund

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About Sapna and Salim

As the founders of Nairobeing: The Wellness Experience, Sapna and Salim have collaborated on wellness events for the past two years. Their partnership as healers and wellness facilitators reflects the balance that they cultivate as expressions of the divine feminine and masculine.

Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, Sapna is a conscious entrepreneur, intuitive energy expert and transformational coach who has been practising healing arts for over 20 years with a focus on the discovery of soul purpose and alignment. She draws from ancient Eastern modalities and Western science in her practice to help her clients bring awareness to beliefs that have been limiting access to their purpose and authentic Self. Sapna brings her deep faith in the Divine, her acute intuitive abilities and fascination with the unique journey of humankind to facilitate life-changing healing work to all so that we can step into, and reclaim, our personal power from a place of self-love. 

Sapna is the founder of Soulful Living, originally a holistic healing centre and now a wellness company, that brings people and experts from across the world to sacred space and retreats, mainly in Kenya, and globally from 2021.

Salim Rollins is the Co-Director of Synergy Yoga, a registered Yoga Alliance school that offers training, retreats and workshops in yoga, Thai massage and other healing modalities. He has maintained a dedicated yoga practice since 2000 and studied with several master teachers throughout India and the U.S. His approach to his personal practice and facilitation as a teacher centers around the liberation of pain and suffering and a reconnection with the divine self.  Additionally, Salim is a Contra-Mestre of the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira Angola, an art form that he has been practicing since 1995. He is the founder of Capoeira Kibera – a community program that uses Capoeira Angola to impart critical life skills and offer expanded choices to youth in Nairobi’s Kibera slum. Capoeira philosophy has had a profound impact on Salim’s approach to facilitating wellness events including the incorporation of community circles that enable all participants to be heard and to practice active listening. Most recently Salim has launched his practice as a Thai massage therapist having studied with Francisco Morales-Bermúdez. Salim deeply values his mission of sharing healing practices and curating wellness spaces with communities throughout the world.