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The Buddha’s Healing Touch

My Thai Massage teacher Kam Thye Chow always told me this bodywork is for the modern warrior. To ones who wish to assist others to let go of their pain. I remember researching Thai MassageI have been traveling & sharing his work for 18 years. I never thought I would be leading certifications but since my teachers passing it has been a natural progression.  Karuna is the Buddhist word for the expression of love through the physical removal of pain from another. This practice is often referred to as karuna meditation. The movements of the practitioner are like swaying dances and keep the energy flowing in the recipient like rivers of energy. My intention is to make Thai Massage more accessible to all people. This is why I have uploaded a 30min Instructional Thai Massage video to the Shop on the website. This way people can work on their loved ones in the living room at home. The next Thai Massage Certification will be January 17-18-19 at Martha’s studio “Minneapolis Yoga”, February 21-22-23 at “Breathing Fire Hot Yoga” in Princeton, NJ & June 26-27-28 at Amber’s studio in Seattle, “Breathe Hot Yoga”. To register for any of these events, click here.

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