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Building Kokrobitey: A Lesson in Development & Literacy with Renee C Neblett

 The Kokrobitey Institute is a unique environment for learning and creative exploration.  Their mission is to support development by facilitating projects and programs that demonstrate the intersections between Art, Culture, Design, Health, & Sustainable Development through Literacy. They define literacy as the ability to read, write, and comprehend the written and spoken word, as well as the ability to read the world; to be equipped with the cultural knowledge that allows communities to thrive in a sustainable environment.

Now to give you a little background on our presenter this past week. Renee C. Neblett was born in Boston, Massachusetts 30 August 1947, has lived in Ghana for the past twenty two years.

Ms Neblett studied at the University of Massachusetts, 1969 Montessori Education Practicum, 1969 Goddard College M.ED, 1971, Akademie Les Beaux Arts, Valence (exchange program), 1981 Kuenst Akademie Duesseldorf BA and 1983 MFA, Bunting Fellow – Radcliffe College, 1984 Visiting Scholar, 1985 Researcher – Project Zero Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

She is the founding director of the Kokrobitey Institute, a private, research and development facility that began its work in 1992, with the goal of expanding the perimeters of American education to include study in Africa. Kokrobitey Institute offers short-term and long-term residential programs that explore the linkages of Art and Design, Environmental Studies, History and Culture for their role in advancing Education and Development.  Projects, including a Fellows Program and Teacher Training among other activities that take place throughout the year alongside internships and production. Current initiatives include the manufacturing of the GSB, a school bag made of recycled materials and the Maker’s Workshop: Advancing literacy through supporting critical thinking by teaching teachers to produce experiential learning tools for village classrooms.

Thank you for tuning in to our presentation! We also have an Online Thai Massage Workshop and an Online Retreat Coming (more details about the retreat are to come!). You can register for our Thai Massage workshop using the link below. Healing touch and knowledge of the body are essential tools for yoga teachers, caregivers or just someone who is interested in learning this beautiful method of karuna meditation.