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About Us

Our Reason for Being

Synergy is a healing art form that fine tunes and strengthens the human body and spirit through playful movement, thai massage, dynamic body conditioning, therapeutic partner yoga and meditation. Synergy draws from many traditional healing modalities and art forms- from traditional Thai massage, yoga, martial arts, clown, and ancient meditation practices.

At Synergy we aim to use the resources we have—our business, our work, our voice and our imaginations—to bring the various healing art forms we have expertise in, to our communities, including yoga studios throughout the world. Our mission is to give yoga studios the resources to host retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and various other programs. We want to support them to realize their potential and thrive.

Core Values

Our values reflect those of a business started by people on the ground working one on one with other people. Our common bond is garnered by an interest in building trust, promoting healing, inspiring playfulness and connection with studios and communities that we serve everywhere.

Not Bound by Convention

Our success—and much of the fun—lies in developing fresh ideas and unique ways to do the things we love. Let’s work together and use our imaginations

Synergy History


Thai Yoga Massage Certification with Kam Thye Chow


Began studying Capoeira Angola with Mestre Cobra Mansa, Washington, D.C.


Yoga Teacher Training - Shanti Marga - with Victor (Vyasa)Landa, Bethesda, MD


Bikram Yoga Teacher Training - Los Angeles, CA | Formed Acro Yoga with Carolyn Cohen, Jason Nemer & Jenny Saur-Klein, San Francisco, California - First Workshop at Yoga Tree, San Francisco, CA


Sponsored by Lululemon’s first store in San Francisco, CA


Life of a Yogi - 500 Hour Teacher Training - Dharma Mittra, New York, NY


Led first Synergy Partner Yoga Teacher Training - Tulum, Mexico & Led first “Yoga Journey to Tulum, Mexico” Yoga Retreat


Started the Synergy Non-Profit doing work with children in Peru & Mexico | First “Yoga Journey to Peru” Yoga Retreat | Started first Bikram Yoga School in Peru | Started leading classes at the Capoeira Angola Study Group in Lima, Peru


Taught at the Guatemala Yoga Festival


Taught at Lululemon Wellness Festival - Washington, D.C.


Published “A Pregnancy Journey Through Yoga”


Led first Synergy - 26 & 2 Teacher Training | Formed One Fire Hot Yoga Festival in partnership w/ Esak Garcia, Hargobind Khalsa, & Siri Om Khalsa, Bethesda, MD - Building Bridges within the hot yoga community & with other lineages of yoga.


Formed “Yogamar Festival” w/ Christian Marthaler & Zinnia Ibanez, bringing more awareness to our connection to the ocean and our overall wellness and connectivity to nature | Led first Synergy Flow - Vinyasa Teacher Training


Developed “Synergy Applied Anatomy Manual”


Started Synergy Yoga - Thai Bodywork Level 1 Certification - McCall, Idaho - Vermont - Baja, Mexico - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Glasgow, Scotland, Nairobi, Kenya | Purchased land for “Synergy Sanctuary” in Peru’s Sacred Valley with partners Jesus Pedraglio, Jaime Belmont, Jaime Grana, Alvaro Becerra, Javier Belmont | Partnered with Spartan Race to bring more awareness to self care & recovery for athletes through videos & presentations at Spartan Races


First Synergy Flow Vinyasa Teacher Training in Nairobi, Kenya w Salim Rollins | Synergy Yoga Festival....coming