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eric biseca


Synergy Meditation: An Introduction

Regardless of prior experience with meditation, you have come to the right place to begin or further your practice.  Meditation will change your life for the better, whether your life is out of control and you clamor for peace or stability, or you are mildly interested in beginning a practice. I am humbled to present you with simple, authentic techniques that will not only bring clarity and calm, but inspire you to lead a more meditative lifestyle. Developing a daily practice that eases the mind and grounds the emotions will benefit you greatly. A few of us may want to explore our inner world, energetic abilities and/or develop a more spiritually potent practice. Others, might want to delve into deeper healing.  Meditation does all of this -It calms, it energizes and it heals.  

I have studied and practiced various traditions of meditation for nearly 25 years, as a certified Vipassana instructor.  Vipassana (Vipasyana) means “insight”. The insight gained from meditation has the power to re-train the mind so that it works for us, not against us.  It can regulate and balance everything from the digestive system to our heart-rate. It re-aligns the spirit to guide our emotions, our habits, even our destiny.  

So, I invite you to try the 10 minute “approaching meditation” exercise to get a feel for where you are in your practice.  If you are building on a practice and or seeking a deeper self-awareness or personal healing, I urge you to try “Gratitude and Greatness”.  Both are part of our program and both are expanded upon in classes, retreats and trainings.