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“Boosting Your Immune Sytem with Medicine from the Earth” with Melinda Cross

Melinda Cross is the leader of the Synergy Wellness Program and the founder of Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley, a small sanctuary in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas that helps to organize and share workshops & retreats related to yoga and conscious living. She is also a Yoga teacher, a conductor of ceremonies such as Temazcal, therapies with crystals and detoxification processes. She is an entrepreneur of projects related to the awakening of consciousness.

This is a Taoist formula that nourishes the soul, calms the mind,

helps the nervous energy and brings you to the present moment.

Shen Tang decoccion for the spirit.
Tao tonic Ingredients:
Ganoderma 2 tbl
He shou que 1 tbl
Ashwaganda 1 tbl
Ginger 3 pieces
Regaliz 1 tbl
Coconut oil 1 tbl
Sacha inchi or flaxseed oil 1 tbl
Mtc oil 1 tbl
Chia seeds 1 tbl
Black sesame seeds 1 tbl
Goji berries 1 tbl
Guarana or Maca 1/2 teaspoon
Cinnamon 1/3 teaspoon

Boil all the the first ingredients for 15 minutes in 1 lt of water.
Soak all the seeds and goji in a 1/4 of hot water in the blender.
Blend them and strain and add the decocción adding stevia and spices. Blend it for 2 to 3 min.

Drink it warm and after you can meditate and enjoy it!!

If you’re interested to learn more about Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley or even visit it, than we have a great opportunity for you come Spring 2020. Synergy offers Yoga Journeys ,which is a quality yoga retreat service created by Francisco Morales-Bermudez. Francisco has been leading retreats to locations rich in cultural stories and natural wonderment since 2006.

You’ll receive an all inclusive (hotel, meals, transportation to and from airport) yoga journey to Machu Picchu & Peru’s Sacred Valley. This adventure begins in Lima, Peru’s coastal capital and continues to Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire. Each day consists of daily adventures to visit various of Peru’s iconic gems (Pisac, Rainbow Mountain, Machu Pichu, Moray) as well as a daily yoga practice.