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Synergy Circle

A collaborative of like-minded, loving people here to serve and grow our communities.

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Francisco Morales-Bermudez


Francisco Morales-Bermudez, was born in Perú. At an early age he started a meditation practice. Born on the coast of Peru a love & respect for the ocean was instilled. He was always athletic playing soccer and received a wrestling scholarship for university. He broke his spine at 19 and developed various systems of self care and got deeper into a yoga practice. His connection to Native American philosophy inspires how he works professionally & lives today as he travels leading teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, and Thai Yoga Bodywork Certifications; spreading healing touch. He was certified with Kam Thye Chow in Thai Yoga Massage, Victor (Vyasa) Landa, Bikram Choudhry, Dharma Mittra in Yoga asana.

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Salim Rollins

Synergy Flow Vinyasa Program

Salim Rollins has maintained a dedicated hatha/vinyasa yoga practice since 2000 and was certified as an instructor through Yoga Alliance in 2007. He has studied under the mentorship of several master teachers including Jhon Tamayo (New York), Ullas Kumar (Kerala, India), and Sudhesh Chandra (Mysore, India). Through his company Soul Flow, Salim has organized numerous wellness retreats, workshops and festivals throughout Kenya. Additionally, Salim has conducted extensive research on yoga philosophy with scholars, yogis and saddhus throughout India. Salim is also a Contra-Mestre of the Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira Angola. He runs a capoeira program for marginalized youth in Kibera slum, Kenya and Luanda, Angola.

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Saulo Zarate Leiva

Synergy Movement

Saulo Zarate Leiva has been a movement explorer and practitioner, for the last 10 years and is continually hones his practice, by sharing and teaching the different disciplines he is studying. Saulo teaches functional training for sports & calisthenics, Pranayama & Meditation with Art of living Foundation, Yoga Asana with United Yoga studio in Perú and has also lead some retreats in Europe with YuvaYogaLife. For the past 2 years Saulo has put his focus on Movement Culture, where he found an integral practice that can develop all capacities that humans can do if they open their mind to new horizons. Saulo believes that we never stop learning and through our body movement and stillness of the mind, we can reconnect with our real nature.

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Carlos Ferreyros

Synergy Meditation

Carlos Ferreyros is a native of Lima, Peru, and has lived in the United States for 35 years. A longtime Buddhist practitioner, Carlos is a senior student and meditation instructor under the guidance of his teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, meditation master and lineage holder of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. As a celebrated communications professional, Carlos has directed brands such as The Disney Channel, FOX, The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, among others. His work won 9 EMMY awards. Carlos is passionate about helping others to discover the positive benefits of meditation, mindfulness and awareness, for himself and the world.

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Miriam Atinsky

Synergy Thai Bodywork Program

Miriam Atinsky was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has lived in Milwaukee since 2014. Miriam graduated with an MBA in Business from FGV University and is now co-owner of The Riverwest Filling Station. Miriam was an avid runner for several years and in her search for alternative exercise, she discovered Bikram yoga and learned about the strengthening, but centering attributes of yoga. Miriam has been to many yoga retreats and has received certification for Thai Yoga Bodyworks, Synergy Partner Yoga Teacher Training. She has always had a passion for theater and dance, and enjoys performing in her local community, both in Brazil and here in Milwaukee.

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Melinda Cross

Synergy Wellness

Melinda Cross is the founder of Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley, a small sanctuary in the middle of the Sacred Valley of the Incas that helps to organize and share workshops & retreats related to yoga and conscious living. She is also a Yoga teacher, a conductor of ceremonies such as Temazcal, therapies with crystals and detoxification processes. She is an entrepreneur of projects related to the awakening of consciousness.

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Jonal Lartigue

Synergy Movement

Jonal Lartique is a personal trainer and teacher who leads the Synergy Movement program. Jonal has completed the Synergy Partner Yoga & Thai Massage certifications. Jonal has been a student of the principles, art form and culture of Capoeira for 13 years and has been training and teaching boxing for the past 10 years. He incorporates boxing and Capoeira movements into his training with his clients, leads group classes in both forms of exercise and also teaches children and youth through schools as well as nonprofit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club.

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Linda Kee

Team Building Program

Linda Kee is an actor, writer, independent film producer and teaching artist who uses art to make learning inclusive. She is also Forum Theatre Facilitator using theatre as a vehicle to promote positive social change and a Synergy Partner Yoga instructor, based in Calgary, Alberta. Linda founded her wellness company, The Throo Movement, applying social, emotional and experiential learning through movement, creativity and play. Linda works with communities and organizations exploring possibilities in creative problem solving, team building, effective communication and personal growth and empowerment. Linda received her Forum Theatre Facilitator Training with David Diamond at Headlines Theatre in Vancouver, BC, in 1998. She completed her Synergy Partner Yoga Teacher Training in Montecito, California in 2015, and her Vinyasa Teacher Training at the Lighthouse Yoga School with Jared McCann in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York.

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Dante Settles

Synergy Yoga Programs for Special Needs

Dante Settles founded S.W.A.T Fitness (Students with Aspiring Talents), a movement therapy and wellness company, to serve individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. His major inspiration for forming this company is his daughter, who was born with muscular distrophy. S.W.A.T. Fitness was established in Washington, D.C. and serves clients such as the U.S. Federal and District of Columbia Government agencies, Special Olympics, Private Residential Providers and more.

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Nicole Fitzwater

Synergy Thai Bodywork Program/Ayurveda

Nicole Fitzwater is the owner of In Balance Yoga in Blacksburg VA. Nicole worked in development with both Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia for 5 years, 7 years in sports marketing as Marketing Manager with CBS Sports (University of Maryland, Virginia, LSU, Utah and corporate) and advertising with BBDO New York on the Gillette account. She was certified in Synergy Yoga Thai Massage in 2018. Yoga helped her find her true self and self-care practice and she hopes to cultivate a community of service at In Balance Yoga to impact those in need in the area and beyond. She has a dog, Ogden, and a cat, Hobie. She is grateful to Green Valley Builders for building our dream studio. Nicole has been a practicing vegan since September 2014.

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Kelly Callender

Kelly Callender, founder of MELT--A Yin Yoga Training, began her yoga teaching career after attending Bikram's College of Teacher Training in 2003. Kelly began teaching in California and taught across the country, managed several studios, and in 2010 purchased a Bikram studio in Grass Valley, California. While nestled in the hills of Northern California she matured into a leader in the hot-yoga-world, grew her foundation in several yoga styles, and participated and assisted in countless trainings and retreats. From her found passion in Yin Yoga, MELT was born. MELT was created to give an all encompassing training on the beliefs, practices and implementation of the Yin Practice. The MELT brand is growing and Kelly is branching into retreats and MELT experiences that she brings to studios and yoga communities that are looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Yin practice.