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Lurking in the Parking Lot: Teachings of a Delusional Monk (The Monk Series)


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The author of this book Abdulvahid has shared several walks and yoga practices with Francisco. He is humble, wise and a great friend of Francisco’s. We suggest this book to anyone who wants to go inward.

The first book of the Monk Series, Lurking in the Parking Lot frames an office worker’s experience with a strange man in a parking lot, whom is called the Delusional Monk. Their exchange and the stories from the monk give the office worker a chance to step away from the mundane reality of the routine so as to have a glimpse of what could be buried under the layers of this seemingly meaningless endeavor that is called life. The teachings of the Delusional Monk are intended to short circuit the “normal” pathways of thinking in the brain and leave spacious and curious unanswered questions in the recipient’s mind. It is an invitation to step into a world in which there are possibilities beyond what one considers possible.