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Synergy Applied Anatomy Manual


Synergy Applied Anatomy is derived from the understanding that there are a variety of learning methods. If you ask most yogis or a physicist they will tell you the body is energy. If you ask a doctor they might get more into the make up of the physical body.

We will be going over our manuals & books but for the kinesthetic learner we will also be using healing touch as a learning tool. This program is a more dynamic way to learn anatomy. Synergy founder, Francisco Morales-Bermudez, put this program together to combine his love for Thai Massage with the understanding of the body in order to offer a more insightful and thoughtful anatomy curriculum for yoga teacher trainings.

This program will guide you through a Thai Massage sequence starting with the feet all the way up to the skull. We will also address the meridians or as they are called in Thai Massage the sen energylines. You will not be officially certified asa Thai Massage therapist you will receive the skills needed to give a 90 minute massage to your loved ones.

Synergy Applied anatomy will address specific body parts during each section of the applied anatomy program. At least one Thai Massage technique will be used in each section of the program. You will be learning about the body parts while simultaneously touching the subject matter and assisting your fellow trainees to remove any tightness they may be experiencing as their body is opening up through daily yoga practice.

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