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Synergy Movement Philosophy

Movement is my medicine! It allows me to express my emotions with my body. What I wish for people who come to a Synergy Movement class is insight into the possibilities of how the human body can move.
Creating Synergy Movement has pushed me to broaden my perspective and gather inspiration from many different arts. Even watching my children learn their bodies has inspired some of the sequences.
We all express ourselves through movement in some way or another. We are all students of movement. Let us be good students!

I believe my love for movement started with sports as a child. I tried my hand at almost everything but fell in love with basketball. I learned quickly that skills from different sports could help me be a better basketball player.
This concept has translated, and now i take Movements from martial arts capoeira, jujitsu and boxing, arts that that I’ve been doing for between 15 and 20 years respectively. Mix them with yoga and dance two things I love almost as much as martial arts and you have Synergy Movement.

You can join Jonal weekly or book a private with Jonal through our Synergy Online Page. Be sure to check out Jonal’s bio on our team page as well!

Thanks for reading and joining us week after week.