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Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification


This 3 day course provides participants with the knowledge and skill required to provide a 90 minute Thai Yoga Bodywork. Participants will gain insight into the history of the art form, technique, self care, and business practices. Providing participants with a sequence that integrates all the essential techniques that make Thai Yoga Bodywork a unique art form. This adaptable sequence will provide the ability to create specific individual experiences whether you will use these skills to incorporate into yoga teachings, to provide one-on-one treatments and more.

In order to complete the certification, participants must complete a practicum that requires them to provide 5  free bodywork sessions to people in their community. After each session, participants journal about their experience, challenges, and observations and submit this journal to Francisco for review and guidance. During the practicum, participants have direct contact with Francisco in order to continue to progress from one session to the next.

Once the practicum has concluded, participants receive their certificate and can then move on into their practice as Thai Bodyworkers in their community.

Themes covered during the Thai Massage Certification Course:

  • An overview of the history of Thai massage including a review of ancient documents and drawings by monks who created the system
  • Accessing “sen” or energy lines
  • Massage techniques & assisted stretches
  • Trainees will receive a training manual that contains the sequence and overview of the history and methodology
  • Breath work and meditation for sustainability and endurance while facilitating massage and self care techniques
  • Each attendee will receive Francisco’s 1 hour Thai Massage video


Bodyworkers who have been certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork Level 1 with the Synergy Yoga School are eligible to participate in the Level 2 course. The Level 2 course gives participants further insight into the practice, and assists them to expand the creativity of their sequencing.

Level 2 introduces the participants to Ayurveda in order to understand the various constitutions or types of bodies that are referred to as “doshas”. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to alleviate pain and move the energy through the Sen lines to provide clients with more energy and deeper healing. 

This course is led over three full days and is a continuation of the  Level 1 course. Bodyworkers who have concluded Level 1 and have maintained a continuous practice over the course of a year are eligible for the Level 2 program. 

Ayurveda Portion of Level 2 Certification

Intro to Ayurveda Lecture:

A 2 hour interactive lecture on what exactly Ayurveda is, the history of Ayurveda and how Ayurveda, yoga and Thai massage are interrelated.


This lecture will give a brief intro into:

  1. History
  2. Ayurvedic principles: Sankyha Philosophy, the definition of disease
  3. Doshas: How the doshas correlate not only to humans but to seasons, time of day, time of life, etc.
  4. Diet: The Ayurvedic way to approach food
  5. How to bring balance into one’s life using Ayurveda: Morning routine, self care, eating, Pranayama, etc.
  6. How to take this base information and apply it to giving a Thai massage:How to properly observe a client:
    • Client body scan assessment
    • Speech assessment
    • Example intake form with questions that will help dictate the nature of the massage


Pranayama work to begin session with. What pranayama is good for what dosha imbalance, etc.

  1. Thai massage yoga posture review: what postures benefit what doshic imbalance
  2. What is Marma therapy?
  3. What is the difference between Marma therapy and acupressure?
  4. Review of key marma points and demonstration of a marma sequence one can take their clients through at the conclusion of the session

 A 2 hour session to review questions and the marma sequence. More in depth information regarding the designated points and techniques to use.

Date: October 21-22-23, 2022

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Teachers: Francisco

This three-day certification program will provide students with the knowledge and skills to give a 90 minute Thai Yoga Bodywork session. Thai massage is an ancient healing system that has evolved over the last three millennia. The methodology involves a range of techniques in which the therapist stretches, pulls, applies pressure, and kneads the body along “sen” or energy lines. Topics that will be covered in the weekend intensive include:

  • massage techniques & assisted stretches
  • accessing “sen” or energy lines
  • an overview of the history of Thai massage including a review of ancient documents and drawings by monks who created the system
  • anatomy and physiology
  • trainees will receive a training manual that contains the sequences and an overview of the history and methodology
  • breathwork and meditation for sustainability and endurance while facilitating massage


Francisco Morales-Bermúdez has studied various healing modalities from Thailand, India, Brazil, and Peru. Mentored by his beloved Thai Yoga Bodywork teacher, Kam Thye Chow, he has facilitated training and certifications since 2006. Through his work as a massage therapist and yoga teacher trainer (, Francisco has explored systems that remove pain from the body. Since 2002, he has facilitated yoga workshops, teacher training courses, and retreats in numerous countries throughout the world. He is the founder of Synergy Yoga and a part of the original team that developed Acro Yoga. Francisco is delighted to share this exciting course with the Kenyan community on his first visit to East Africa.


Situated in at Thai Yoga Bodywork a private studio in the heart of Milwaukee. The studio is managed by Miriam Atinsky, a graduate of the Synergy Thai Yoga Bodywork program. We are very excited to be returning to Miriam’s new studio in Milwaukee.

COST: $850 USD

Early Bird: $800

SPACE IS LIMITED to 8 participants, so register early.