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Prana retreat To Tulum with Pachi & Francisco – August 5th -12th, 2023

August 5th-12th, 2023

Venue:  Holistika Hotel, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico 

Hosts: Pachi Schanaberger & Francisco Morales-Bermudez

Retreat Includes:


  • Daily Yoga
  • Interactive Thai Massage
  • Partner Stretching
  • Swimming in Cenotes
  • Day trip to Tulum Archaeological site
  • Tour of Tulum town
  • 2 vegetarian meals per day
  • Spa Treatments (reserved and paid for by guests)


Greetings all, Pachi Shanaberger, Director of Prana Hot Yoga & Bodywork and Francisco Morales-Bermudez, Co-Director of Synergy Yoga, are delighted to invite you to the Prana Retreat in Tulum, Mexico. Registration includes accommodation; multiple daily yoga/movement workshops; cultural activities; 2 meals per day; round trip airport transfers from the Cancun International Airport to the hotel; and one massage per guest. Guests are encouraged to book additional spa treatments directly through Holistika Spa. Airfare is not included.

Things to Bring:


The pristine beach and crystal blue waters of Tulum lie on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea. Its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere; natural beauty; cultural richness; and historic importance make Tulum a wonderful destination to host our retreat. It was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans. It’s surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world, making it an ideal location for  snorkeling & fishing.  The area is also made up of the largest connection of underground canals in the world. These canals connect a series of beautiful caves with clear ocean water that’s filtered by limestone. The caves are called cenotes, which we’ll visit during our journey. Mayan culture is noted for its logosyllabic script – the most sophisticated and highly developed writing system in pre-Columbian America, as well as its art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and cosmology.  Over the course of the retreat, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about Mayan philosophy and history.

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The stunning Holistika Hotel Tulum is located in the middle of the jungle. The spacious rooms each have their own hammock. The grounds also include four majestic yoga shalas; large swimming pools; numerous lounge spaces; a spa; and a vegetarian restaurant managed by the beloved chef, Fernando. Juices and smoothies can be ordered throughout the day. At the spa, guests can receive a range of treatments including massage (deep tissue, mayan clay, hot stone among others); facial treatment and numerous other offerings. Holistika is the ideal venue for participants to unwind, explore themselves through yoga and other healing arts, and nurture a caring community within the Prana Retreat.


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Saturday – August 5th

11am – 2pm: Airport pick up & stop for snacks

5pm – 6pm: Tour of Holistika

7pm – 8pm: Dinner 


Sunday – August 6th

7am – 8:15am: Yoga class 

9am – 10am: Breakfast 

1pm: Juice & 1 Plate

4pm – 5:15pm: Yoga class

7pm – 8pm: Dinner


* This day will involve rest and treatments


Monday – August 7th

7am – 8:15am: Yoga Class 

9am – 10am: Breakfast 

10:30am:  Leave for Cenote Santa Cruz – Fruit & Snacks (buy mangos & fruit & nuts 

for group)

4pm: Return to Holistika

7pm – 8pm: Dinner 


Tuesday – August 8th

7am – 8:15pm: Yoga Class 

9am – 10am: Breakfast

1pm: Juice & 1 Plate

4pm – 5:15pm: Yoga class

7pm – 8pm: Dinner


Wednesday – August 9th

7am – 8:15am: Yoga Class

9am – 10am:  Breakfast 

10am – 12:30pm: Tulum Archeological site & beach (bring fruit and snacks)

12:30pm –  3pm: Beach Visit

7pm – 8pm: Dinner


Thursday – August 10th

7am – 8:15am: Yoga Class

9am – 10am:  Breakfast 

11am –  2pm: Visit Tulum Town – local artisans; shopping etc.

6pm – 7pm: Avelino Presentation (Little Shala)

7pm – 8pm: Dinner 


Friday – August 11th

7am – 8:15am: Yoga Class

9am – 10am:  Breakfast 

11am – 2pm Optional Snorkeling at coral reef

7pm – 8pm: Dinner 

9pm: Dance Party


Saturday – August 12th

7:30am – 8:30am: Breakfast

8:30am: 1st van departs to Cancun Airport

12pm: 2nd van departs to Cancun Airport


*guests outbound flights should be booked between 1:30pm – 5:30pm


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Shared Room – Full Amount: $3,200


Single Room – Full Amount : $3,800


Payment Plan (Shared Room)


1st Installment: $1,000 by April 1st


2nd installment: $2,200 by July 1st


Payment Plan (Single Room)


1st Installment: $1,000 by April 1st


2nd Installment: $2,800 by July 1st


If a participant needs to cancel prior to the retreat we offer partial refunds according to the following schedule:
4 weeks before the event: 75% refund
3 weeks before the event: 50% refund
2 week before the event: 25% refund
1 week: no refund

Note: if you preffer to makea onetime payment select NA on this field and proceed to choose you accomodation plan on the next field.
Note: If you prefer the installmentplan Select NA
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