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Sept 1 – 10, 2021 – YOGA JOURNEY PERU

Sacred Valley, Peru


Experience the magic of Peru’s Sacred Valley with a wonderful community of wellness practitioners. Our journey begins in the Andean city of Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire. From Cusco we travel to Willka T’ika Wellness Retreat & Boutique Hotel, in the town of Urubamba, surrounded by the splendor of the Andes. During our stay at Willka T’ika guests will experience outdoor herbal baths; therapeutic massage; regular yoga classes; nutritious farm to table vegetarian meals; and the well known chakra gardens which hold a variety of healing herbs. From our Willka T’ika base camp we will explore the Sacred Valley through daily trips including Machu Picchu; Rainbow Mountain; Pisac; and Moray. Our vision for the retreat is to offer guests a range of cultural experiences, deepening their understanding of Inca culture; create an environment in which guests can decompress and relax from their daily routines; and celebrate life through daily yoga practice while absorbing the high energetic frequencies of the Sacred Valley.

Lead Instructors: Francisco Morales-Bermudez and Salim Rollins


  • Accommodation
  • airport transfers
  • all entry fees to the Inca sites
  • all meals except for three (see details in the itinerary) 
  • all yoga classes
  • all travel expenses
  • one herbal bath per guest at Willka T’ika Hotel

Not Included: 

  • Massages (which may be booked upon request at Willka T’ikka Hotel)
  • cocoa leaf readings

Suggested Reading:

  • The Cradle of Gold by Christopher Heaney 
  • Journey to Machu Picchu by Carol Cumes & Romulo Lizarraga Valencia

Yoga Journey Peru Itinerary


* for those who are unable to pay the full retreat cost up front, you can make an initial deposit 

   and pay the balance closer to the time of the retreat. Space for the retreat is limited so we 

   recommend that you register as soon as you can confirm attendance.

Deposit: $1,000 (due August 1st)
Shared Room: $3,200 (due August 1st)
Single Room: $3,950 (due August 1st)
Shared Room Balance: $2,200 (due August 15th)
Single Room Balance: $2,950 (due August 15th)

September 10th – 15th I Huachuma and Temezcal Ceremonies

For those interested in participating in Huachuma (plant medicine) and Temescal (sweat lodge) ceremonies, we are curating an additional 5 day add-on to the retreat. For roughly 4,000 years Huachuma (also known as San Pedro) has been used as a gateway to connect with the true self; transcend limiting beliefs; clear past wounds and traumas; and move energy towards one’s higher self. Known as the grandfather medicine, the sacred cactus is indigenous to the Andean mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. The ceremony will be guided by an indigenous Quechua shaman from the Sacred Valley region who will support the group through the vast inner journey.

A Temezcal or Sweat Lodge is a purification ceremony traditionally practiced by various indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. The temezcal is a small hut structure in which rocks are heated to high temperature after which water is poured on them. The ceremony involves prayer and intention setting as the body and spirit purge impurities that no longer serve us.


Day 1: Friday, Sept. 10th


Day 2: Saturday, Sept. 11th

Fasting in preparation for our ceremony the following day

Day 3: Sunday, Sept.12th

Huachuma Ceremony

Day 4: Monday, Sept. 13th Morning Yoga,


Optional hike to Ollantaytambo (the last fortress of the Incas)



Day 5: Tuesday, Sept. 14th Morning Yoga


Lunch for those not participating in the Temazcal; 

Temazcal participants will not have lunch

Temazcal Ceremony


Day 6: Wednesday, Sept. 15th Morning Yoga




Shared Room – Retreat & Huachuma $1,000 (in addition to retreat cost)

Single Room – Retreat & Huachuma $1,400 (in addition to retreat cost)

Single Room – Huachuma Only $1,700