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Teacher Trainings

Journeys of growth and bonding that prepare and give you the skills necessary to share this healing practice with your community.

Thai Massage

An energizing and meditative form of massage therapy, which is rooted in rhythmic acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga-style stretching.

Synergy Flow

A practice which takes principals from martial arts, yoga, and dance, that is designed to help people learn about their bodies through breathing and movement patterns.


Programs to help you to retrain your mind, so that it works for you, not against you.

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Creating Connection, Promoting Healing

At Synergy we aim to use the resources we have—our business, our work, our voice and our imaginations—to bring the various healing art forms we have expertise in, to our communities, including yoga studios throughout the world. Our mission is to give yoga studios the resources to host retreats, workshops, teacher trainings and various other programs. We want to support them to realize their potential and thrive.

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Stories from the circle

Synergy Online- yoga from your home to ours

2008 First Yoga Journey to Peru

Yoga Journeys to Peru:

Francisco has been leading retreats to locations rich in cultural stories and natural wonderment since 2006. During these heart-opening experiences, Yoga Journeys will inspire you with the magic, culture and beauty of the locations we visit, while creating time for you to relax, connect with friends and practice yoga.

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