Synergy Flow Yoga is a vinyasa-based Yoga Teacher Training that blends aspects of multiple lineages including Ghosh; Dharma Mittra; and Iyengar with classical hatha, and circular/functional movement practice. Additionally, Synergy Flow Yoga includes foundational pranayama practice; sun salutations; standing sequences; balancing postures; backbends and inversions. Emphasis is placed on alignment principles, fluidity of movement, conscious breathing and enjoying the process.

Our philosophy is that every budding and experienced teacher has a unique voice, style and approach to their practice. Synergy fosters creative expression and exploration while instilling foundational principles of yoga. The training will prepare students to confidently teach vinyasa yoga; cover the fundamentals of yoga history and philosophy; explore applied anatomy and physiology through the practice of Thai Yoga Bodywork; and create a space for personal growth.

Vinyasa or “Flow” yoga is generally defined by a fluid sequence of movements connected by intentional and syncopated breathwork. Our approach is to encourage each participant to discover their own teaching style within the framework of our curriculum. We will explore various modalities and topics including:

This is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance registered program. Additionally, Synergy offers 50 and 100 hour continuing education modules. As the vinyasa culture grows, we wish to provide the slow, connected, rhythmic flow that the Ghosh Lineage and Dharma Mittra have as consistent defining elements of practice.



This 3-day course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to facilitate a 90-minute Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB) session. Participants will gain insight into the history of the art form; learn proper technique; explore strategies for self-care; and learn business practices. At the end of the course,  participants will be able to facilitate a sequence that integrates the essential techniques of TYB. Knowledge gained through the course can be utilized for yoga instruction; one on one sessions; and to deepen practitioners’ familiarity with anatomy and physiology.

In order to finalize the certification, participants must complete a practicum wherein they provide 5  free bodywork sessions to people in their community. After each session, a journal entry must be submitted about their experience, challenges, and observations. During the practicum period, participants will have direct contact with Francisco, the lead TYB facilitator, in order to discuss any challenges that may arise and receive guidance on the practice. Once the practicum has concluded, participants receive their certificate and can begin their practice as Thai Bodyworkers.

Topics include: 

Provided Materials: 



Bodyworkers who have been certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork Level 1 with Synergy are eligible to participate in the Level 2 course. The three-day Level 2 course gives participants further insight into the practice expanding the creativity of their sequencing. Additionally, Level 2 introduces participants to Ayurveda in order to understand the various constitutions or types of bodies, referred to as “doshas”. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to alleviate pain and move the energy through the Sen lines to provide clients with a deeper level of healing. An introductory lecture that explores the history of ayurveda, and the interrelatedness of ayurveda, yoga, and Thai Yoga Bodywork is included in the training.

Lecture and course topics: 

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