Bush To Beach 2025: A Yoga Journey Through Kenya


Hosts: Next Level Yoga & the Synergy team

Dates: Nov 14, 2025 4:00 PM – Nov 23, 2025 10:00 AM

Venue: The King Post (Nairobi); Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge (Nakuru); Kijani House (Lamu)

Next Level and Synergy Yoga are delighted to invite you to the adventure of a lifetime.
Our journey begins in Nairobi, Kenya. The day after international arrivals, our group will traverse from Nairobi’s higher altitude, down into the Great Rift Valley – the birthplace of our species!
The views as we descend from the escarpment into the valley are stunning.
For three nights we’ll stay inside of Nakuru National Park at the breathtaking Sopa Lodge.
This leg of the journey consists of safari tours in badass Land Rovers where we’ll see a range of animals; yoga and movement workshops; downtime by Sopa’s pool and spa treatments.


What's included


Friday November 14th (Venue: The King Post)

Arrivals and Check In

Opening Circle

Welcome Dinner


Saturday November 15th (Venue: The King Post/Sopa Lodge)

Morning Yoga


Travel to Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge in Land Cruisers




Sunday November 16th (Venue: Sopa Lodge)

Morning Yoga







Monday November 17th (Venue: Sopa Lodge)


Early morning safari



Evening Safari



Tuesday November 18th (Venue: Sopa Lodge/The King Post)

Morning yoga


Travel back to Nairobi




Wednesday November 19th (Venue: The King Post/Kijani House)


Domestic flight to Lamu


Tour of Shela village

Downtime (spa treatments etc)



Thursday November 20th (Venue: Kijani House)

Morning yoga


Dhow trip w/snorkeling and mangrove drift 

Lunch on dhow



Friday November 21st (Venue: Kijani House)

Morning yoga


Tour of Lamu town with shopping


Thai Bodywork workshop



Saturday November 22nd (Venue: Kijani House)

Morning yoga


Sunset Dhow Boat Excursion

Bonfire Closing Circle



Sunday November 23rd (Venue: Kijani House)


Departures from Lamu Island back to Nairobi and then home (or wherever your heart desires)

Traveling to Kenya

Kenya is one of the most accessible tourist countries in Africa, especially for American travelers. As a former British colony, the national language is English. Nairobi houses the African headquarters of the United Nations and is therefore home to a large number of American and European expats. As the hub of East Africa, Nairobi is also home to major NGO’s and international aid organizations working in the region. 

Requirements and general travel info:

  • Visitors are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (i.e. visa).

  • The ETA is completed online, costs $35 and takes 10 minutes to complete.

  • Vaccinations are not required for visitors entering from the U.S. or Europe. Travelers should vaccinate or not vaccinate according to their comfort level.

  • A yellow fever card is required if visitors are entering from or transiting through countries that have higher yellow fever cases. These include certain countries in Africa and Asia, NOT U.S.A., Europe, or the Middle East.

  • Malaria is extremely rare in Nairobi and Lake Nakuru due to the cooler climates and the lack of malaria transmitting mosquitoes.

  • Malaria is more common in Lamu due to the tropical weather conditions. Guests should use their discretion and comfort level in determining whether or not they will travel with malaria medication.

  • All of the hotels, boutiques and shops we’ll be visiting take foreign credit and debit cards. We will also have the opportunity to withdraw Kenya Shillings from an ATM in Nairobi in case guests would like to purchase from street side vendors and to offer tips.

  • The retreat includes two weather climates – dryer and cooler in Nairobi/Nakuru; tropical in Lamu. Once registered, guests will receive a comprehensive travel list.

What is the Refund Policy & should I get Trip Insurance?

All deposits and payments are non-refundable. We recommend getting trip insurance to cover yourself HERE.

How do you select your room?

Once you’ve made your deposit for this trip simply email to confirm best available rooms.

Airport Info & Logistics:

International airfare is not included in the price of the retreat.

You will book your international departures to and from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

For those arriving earlier than November 14th you can book additional days/nights at The King Post on your own. The hotel is approximately 35 minutes away from the airport.

Any other things I need to know?

Initial deposit amount is $1000 per person to secure your spot. 2nd deposit to bring your remaining room balance to 1/2 paid is due by May 14th, 2025. Final deposit making your room fully paid will be due by July 14th, 2025. There will be no refunds made at any time, for any reason. GET TRIP INSURANCE.

Pricing and Room Accommodations: 

Price: Single Occupancy $6,300 (2 spots available)

Price: Double Occupancy $5,600 (14 spots available)

Price: Triple Occupancy $5,100 (3 spots available)

Group Size Approximately 20-25

Accommodations: Take a look at the beautiful accommodations we will have by clicking the hotel venues below.

The King Post (Nairobi)

Sopa Lodge (Lake Nakuru)

Kijani House (Lamu Island)

Room Assignments:

  • We have standard rooms reserved for you at The King Post and Sopa Lodge.

  • You will be placed in the best room available based on availability at Kijani House (we have the entire venue rented to ourselves)